Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers.

1:) How we can chat in website?
🙂 Just you need to click on Home menu. You will see an chat room
application. Just login and start your chat.

2:) Is there nick registration is required?
🙂 No, Our chat room is free from any kind of registration. Just you need to login and start your chat. (Note: some time spammer tease the members and chat room team then we set the room setting for register members. so it better for you to register your nick otherwise no necessary.

3:) how we can complain to chat room team about someone?
🙂 Just you need to search the Admin (with Crown holder nick) or Moderators (with Shield holder nicks) in list of members from the right side of chat application, if you find any one then “PM” and send msg in private about your issue. Otherwise you can use our “Contact Us” page for complain.

4:) Can we share our personal detail with anyone in chat room?
🙂 No, it is extremely prohibited to share your personal information with someone, because mostly online members or friends can be a blackmailer who can tease you after fighting on any miss understanding or due to any other reason. So please don’t share your personal information with anyone, otherwise we will not responsible about any kind of issue.

5:) Is there any kind of risk using chat room?
🙂 No, If you follow rules and terms and conditions then there is no any kind of risk during using our chat room.

6:) Can we invite our friends to your chat room?
🙂 Most Welcome, If you want to invite your friends then you can do it without our permission. Just keep in mind, we need decent members, we say welcome just to decent members.

7:) Can any one use my nick?
🙂 If you have not registered your nick then it can be used by anyone, If anyone miss use our chat room by nick then we can banned it even then you are not using it. To prevent from this situation you need to register your nick.

8:) How i can register my nick?
🙂 Just you need to follow this video.
(video Upload ASAP)

9:) How i can get moderating shield here?
🙂 Just you need to have registered nick and decent chatting behave.