Terms And Conditions

terms and conditions

Terms And Conditions

    1:) Our all user must follow our all Terms and Conditions during using our Chat Room service.

    2:) If you are above 18 year old then you can user our Chat Room service otherwise leave our Chat Room.

    3:) Don’t share your personal detail with any one even then you have more trust on other person but it could be very horrible for every chatters who share his/her personal detail with any one. During Using our Chat Room service we (Amin, Moderators) are not responsible of any kind of blackmailing, harassment or any other horrible activity. Just we always force you that don’t share your personal information with any one.

    4:) When you use our service then you must use our service as decent, pleasant and polite user. Don’t break any rules, don’t misuse our service, Don’t use offensive language or material like insulting someone, sharing sexual material, extreme profanity or abusing any one otherwise we have right to banned you from our all kind of services.

    5:) Don’t spam or flood (same message posting again and again) in our chat room otherwise we will never tolerated your this activity.

    6:) Don’t share your any kind of personal information such as Email address, phone number, website links etc.

    7:) We will not accept liability or responsibility for miss behavior or attitude of individual or groups on our chat room service.